Job Opportunity






Job Title: Chief Mechanic

Department: Engineering and Maintenance

Supervisor's Title: Equipment Engineer

Position and Classification:

Number of Employees in Position: ONE (1)

Effective Date:

Review Date:


Under the general supervision of the Manager, Engineering and Maintenance Department and direct supervision of the Equipment Engineer, the Chief Mechanic is responsible for coordinating the daily work activities of the Mechanics in the Mechanical Workshop, assisting with administrative duties, undertaking repair and maintenance of Port Authority’s equipment and vehicles, assisting with the training of new mechanical maintenance staff and promoting safety habits in the Maintenance Section.

DUTIES: Weight %

Coordinates the daily work activities of the Mechanics in the Mechanical Workshop:

  • Assigns repair and maintenance tasks to the Mechanics A, B and C;

  • Supervises the job performance of staff and the quality of their completed tasks.

Assists the Equipment Engineer and the Manager, Engineering and Maintenance with administrative duties:

  • Checks and prepares employees’ time sheets;

  • Maintains complete and accurate records of all vehicles repaired and maintained;

  • Records all accidents, incidents and submits reports to the relevant authority.

Undertakes repair and maintenance of Port Authority’s equipment and vehicles:

  • Uses common test equipment to ascertain performance of engines and various engine components, contamination levels of lube oil by water, fuel, etc., in situ shaft deflections, etc.;

  • Aligns driving to driven part (or vice versa) for vehicles/heavy equipment;

  • Services, tests and adjusts safety and control devices fitted to equipment and vehicles.

Assists with the training of new mechanical maintenance staff:

  • Undertakes on-the-job training of junior staff members;

  • Assesses new operators and mechanics to determine their level of competence.

Promotes safety habits in the Maintenance Section:

  • Complies with all relevant safety regulations and guidelines applicable to equipment operation and Port Authority’s safety policy;

  • Ensures all staff members’ compliance with established safety guidelines.

Other Duties and Responsibilities 5%

  • Performs duties as relief clerk as required

Key Competencies


Should have City and Guilds Certificate or equivalent in Mechanics


A minimum of five (5) years working experience as a Mechanic


Excellent mechanical knowledge

Excellent knowledge of workplace safety requirements and procedures

Excellent knowledge of equipment inspection procedures

Excellent knowledge of procedures for the repair and maintenance of a wide range of mobile and stationary equipment


Excellent leadership skills

Excellent organisational skills

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Excellent interpersonal skills


Ability to pay attention to details and to demonstrate a well-organized approach to the duties assigned

Ability to use initiative and to work independently or in a team

Ability to operate required tools in a safe and responsible manner

Ability to read and write to maintain daily logs

Physical, Mental and Environmental Issues:

Physical Environment:

The work is performed mainly outdoors, in a standing position.

Physical Skill:

Requires complicated muscular movements which involve a high degree of skill, coordination, speed and accuracy.

Physical and Sensory Effort:

Sustained periods of physical and sensory effort are required. This involves sustained periods of standing with visual attention to details, repetitive movements and handling of lightweight to heavy objects.

Mental Effort:

The job involves a number of diversified moderate tasks, which require some judgment and interpretation.

Deadline 15thOctober, 2015