Port of Kingstown

Latitude   13 9' 1" N
Longitude  61 13' 5" W

Port Kingstown, by being the gateway to the commercial seaborne trade of capital Kingstown, handles a wide range of vessel traffic - from deepsea cargo liner services to inter-island ferries to cruise ships.

The harbour area merges seamlessly with its surroundings and even today many local traders take delivery of their goods in small vehicles directly from sheds owned by the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Port Authority.

Cargo traffic is made up of containers and breakbulk goods with a limited amount of cement and lumber.

In addition, vehicles - both new and refurbished models from Japan - are shipped in by dedicated car carriers on a monthly basis.

Port Kingstown also focuses on inter-island trade with the Grenadines and other destinations. Inter-island vessels are handled at the six-berth schooner basin while passenger/roll-on roll-off vessels use the four-berth ferry terminal.

 Because it forms an integral part of the city that surrounds it, Port Kingstown has been obliged to respond to the space-hungry demands of the container shipping industry. As a result, shipping lines now mainly use the Campden Park Container Port, which is located just two and a half nautical miles along the coast from Kingstown - for the loading and unloading of containers.