Organisational Structure

Council of Members
Our Management Team (November 2008)


The administration of the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Port Authority (SVGPA) is composed of two main bodies, the policy-making body and the executive body. The policy-making body is the Council of Members, while the executive body constitutes the Port Manager, the Departments Heads, co-operating staff.

  The Council of Members

The highest ranking body on the administration of the Port Authority, the Council,  is responsible to the Government of St.Vincent and the Grenadines through the statute of the Port Act for the management of the organization.

The Council is composed of nine (9) members. Three (3) are senior civil servants representing interested government departments, the remaining (6) members are representatives of shipping agents, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and, persons of special interests in port matters.

The Role of the Council

It is the role of the SVGPA Council to chart goals for the port through methodical, organized policies in consultation with government. These include:
  • the general system of administration,

  • the financial policy and approval of the annual budget,

  • the appointment of the Port Manager and approval appointment of senior executive officers,

  • current relations with Central Government,

  • approval of scales of salaries and employment conditions of port personnel,

  • dealing with matters referred by port management,

  • the approval of contracts for major works and purchases.

  Our Management Team (August 2021)

         CEO/Port Manager

Mr. Bishen John

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Carl James


Ms. Maxine Jack

Administrative Personnel Officer

Mrs. De-Aon Sayers

Operations Officer

Mr. Walwyn Nichols

Asst. Operations Officer

Mr. Sudarmo Toby
Civil Works Supervisior (Ag)

Mr. Conroy McBarnett

Manager Information Systems

Mr. Leslie Ferdinand

Officer I/C Kingstown Cruise/Ferry Terminal

Ms. Rhondeen George

 Chief Pilot / Harbour Master

Mr. Ronald Joseph

Manager Maintenance and Engineering

Mr. Roald Shallow

 Environmental Health and Safety Manager

 Mr. Teeka Ramlogan

Chief Surveillance Officer

 Mr. Harvey Caine

         Port Officer - Northern Grenadines

Mr. Barry Providence

Port Officer - Southern Grenadines

Mrs. Erica James-Maloney